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Infrared touch screen

Beijing Huiguan infrared touch screen, specially designed for small and medium size LCD display, is waterproof, explosion-proof, maintenance free, lon

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Touch monitor

It supports multi-point touch and LED backlight, provides excellent picture quality with wide viewing angle and high resolution, ultra-thin and ultra

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All in one machine

Beijing Huiguan all-in-one machine, fashionable appearance, reasonable structure, rich expansion functions, class brand and other products are well re


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In the era of educational information, more and more schools choose Beijing Huiguan class board to show the class style clearly, strengthen the class

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Military project

The military industry has a very high technical threshold for touch screen products. Beijing Huiguan has been providing military solutions since 2014.

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Express cabinet

The use environment of express cabinet and vending machine industry is mostly outdoor. It has strict requirements on the waterproof, anti light and an

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